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Teeth in an hour

State of the Art Instant Function Implant Technology

Chicago Evanston Dental Implantology Immediate load dental implant technology has been available for a few years now and has become extablished as an extremely popular procedure with dental practices that offer leading edge technologies. We have been performing immediate load implants since it's inception.

Old Problems - New Solutions with Nobel Biocare

Immediate load or same day implants have been the procedure of choice by discriminating patients who seek near perfection in the replacement of teeth that assures optimal dental function and a natural appearing cosmetic result.

Becoming a candidate for same-day-implants requires however optimal bone structures of the maxilla (upper jaw) and mandible (lower jaw). When bone structures are ample, the implant devices integrate extremely well, offering the long term endurance that is unsurpassed by other procedures.

Generally speaking, younger patients tend to have better bone structures than older patients since older patients may have greater incidence of being toothless in certain cases or have other dental heatlh issues that compromise the integrity of the bone material.

A popular treatment for deficient or inadequate bone structures is the use of bone grafts. This procedure nonetheless can forestall the final placement of implants because integration must take place between old bone and the newer bone graft material. The graft material itself may be natural or synthetic, each having different properties that best suit a particular patient need.

Unfortunately, bone grafts can fail for a variety of reasons that are impossible to predict. In some instances, bone grafting is sometimes sought as a procedure of "hope" by patients. Some succeed while others fail.

It is now possible to have dental implants and new, fully functioning teeth in just one session.

Traditionally, the implant procedure required at least two steps.

The first step involves placing the implant, which was left from three to six months to heal and integrate with the jawbone. During the healing period, the patient was given a temporary prosthesis until the permanent crown could be placed.

But now, because of advances in modern dentistry, it is possible to have the implant placed in one whole piece in one single session. Ther new method simplifies the procedure significantly for patients. The key is computer-assisted precise placement of the implants. When the dental implant fits the surgical site precisely, there is no need to wait for bone to grow in to fill the discrepancies.

Nobel Biocare 'Teeth-In-An-hour' System

In conjunction with Nobel Biocare we are proud to be amongst the very first to be able to offer the revolutionary 'Teeth-In-An-Hour' implant system, drastically reducing the time taken to complete the once lengthy implant process.


nobelguide teeth in an hour india

nobel guide india, teeth in an hour indiaThe Teeth-in-an-hour™ system is a solution made possible by the ProceraŽ Crown System, whereby precise crowns are computer manufactured from scans of the patients jaw, and by the patented TiUniteŽ implant technology where implant to bone fusion is greatly speeded up due to the special surface qualities of the TiUniteŽ implant.

In the Teeth-in-an-Hour system the custom fabricated precision drill guide and pre-manufactured crown and bridgework, based on CT images and virtual planning, can be made before surgery. The major decisions of the treatment are completed during the planning stage. The execution of the implant placement that follows is performed with minimal surgical intervention.

The result is that the patient leaves the chair with teeth in place after a short and non-traumatic surgery with a minimum of post-operative reactions. This new modality provides enhanced patient satisfaction and simplifies the work of the treatment team.

Implant Placement Comparison

Following is a comparison of conventional versus Teeth-In-A-Hour implant placing techniques. It is assumed that no additional preparation such as extractions or bone-grafting is required which in both cases would require an additional preliminary visit.


Conventional Implants
Nobel Guide Teeth-In-An-hour
Implant Placing Time
1 session
1 session
Healing Time
3 - 4 months
1 - 2 weeks
Time Till Implants can be Loaded
3 - 4 months
Visits Required
Visits that require surgical intervention
Total Treatment Time
2 - 3 months
2 weeks
Crown/Bridge Fitting Time
5 - 10 days
1 session


The Procedure Explained

Initial Assessment and CT Scan

After an initial assessment to ensure the client is suitable for the Teeth-In-A-Hour process a CT scan is ordered. The CT scan produces a 3d image which is loaded into special software back at the clinic.

The Planning Stage

 Using the results of the CT scan together with special 3D software the dentist can precisely plan the implant placing taking into account the structural quality of all the implants working together The 3-D visualizations aquired from the CT scans coupled with special software allows implants to be placed with a level of precision that was unattainable several years ago. In addition, the surgical procedures can often be accomplished in a much more conservative procedure which involves greatly reduced discomfort, less treatment time and a more accurate final outcome. Importantly the implants are positioned in such a way as to enhance the structural quality of all implants when working together.

The Branemark Guide

The computer manufactured drill guide is used by the surgeon during implant placing to achieve a level of accuracy unattainable a few years agoAfter the planning stage is complete the results are transmitted directly to Nobel Biocare in Sweden where a precise drill guide to be used in the implant placing surgery is manufactured together with the crown and bridge work that will be attached immediately to the implants.



Implant Placing

Using all the information from the planning stage together with the precise drill guide the surgeon is able to place the implants and immediately attach the fully functioning Procera crown and bridgeworkThe precise computer manufactured guide is delivered back to the clinic, usually within 2 weeks, together with the base crown and bridge work. The crowns and bridge work are completed by local technicians to provide an aesthetically pleasing result matched, if necessary, to the patients teeth shade and shape.

The implant placing procedure can be completed with a minimum of surgical intervention and in far less time than conventional implant placing. What really sets this procedure apart is that in most cases the final crown and bridgework can be attached to the implants immediately after surgery. In a few cases, especially where only front crowns are required, final temporaries are fitted.


Time Required

In most cases the following time should be allowed to complete the procedure:

First Visit: 2 days to completed the initial assessment and CT scans
Second Visit: 3 days, 2 weeks after the first visit, for final surgery, crown and bridgework fitting and post-op check-up.

We can usually complete the treatment in 3 weeks for our international patients.


Who is a candidate for Teeth-In-An-Hour?

Dental health, number of teeth involved and type of teeth to be replaced will determine whether the patient is a candidate for the one-hour implant system.

Good bone quality is an essential in any implant case but especially with the Teeth-In-A-Hour process. Specifically the dentist will look for any signs of infection and recent extractions. Any extractions must be completed at least 2 months prior and any bone-grafting, used to enhance bone quality, should be fully integrated at the time of surgery.

Teeth-In-An-Hour most dramatically benefits patients whose teeth are loose and unsightly, but because of fear have neglected dental treatment. These patients enjoy the removal of decay and bacteria from their mouths as well as the joy of new self-esteem.

Other candidates include patients who have struggled with wearing dentures, patient who have suffered bone loss through periodontal disease, those with congenitally missing teeth, or those who lost teeth in a traumatic accident.

Whether replacing a single missing tooth or a complete arch, our professional team takes pride in providing all patients with a healthy, vibrant, and gratifying smile.


Teeth-in-an-Hour™ Demonstration

Full bridge implant demonstration movie

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