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nobel biocare dental implants
bicon dental implants india
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Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare dental implants are backed by extensive research and developments as well as after years of use to ensure an optimal success with implant-retained rehabilitations. Nobel Bicoare offer a complete service from start to finish encapsulating the concept of Beautiful Teeth Now™.

Types of Dental Implants from Nobel Biocare

Assisting the placement of the various Nobel Biocare dental implant is NobelGuide, a treatment planning and surgical implementation system.




The NobelActive dental implant has high initial stability even in compromised bone situations as its new surface technology contains bone condensing properties allowing for optimal placement. NobelActive is also Built-in Platform Shifting™ with dual-function prosthetic connections.




The NobelReplace™ dental implant enables simplified dental implant procedures and has been clinically suited for almost all indications. The NobelReplace implant family composes of both parallell-walled implants and tapered implants.




The NobelPerfect® dental implant is unique in regards to aesthetics as it is the first implant that replicates natural anatomy with a scalloped design. This design supports the interproximal bone ridge, encourage soft tissue attachment and make natural soft tissue contours possible with implants, thus a complete elimination of 'black triangles'




The NobelDirect dental implant is a one-piece design thus enables variability in vertical placement and easy procedural placement with less grinding.



Brånemark System®

The Brånemark implant system is the first and most versatile implant system used for over forty years with proven clinical success. Branemark implants are used in conjunction for zygoma dental implants simplifies even the most difficult cases. Branemark is one of the most scientifically documented implant system.




NobelSpeedy dental implants are specially designed for increased initial stability in soft bone. Due to its slightly tapered design, NobelSpeedy implants provides good initial stability and is an implant commonly used for immediate function.


nobel biocare dental implants


1. Can be completed in a weeks time so that one doesnt go through the process of waiting for 3-6 months to get the fianl crowns and the work completed if bone condition is good.

2.No need to fly back second time for overseas patients.

3.Life time warranty of the dental implant.

4.Unique TI-UNITE surface.

5.Free attendance by the dentist in any part of the world in case something needs tobe taken care of later on.



EZ / HI-TEC IMPLANTS - Advanced New Technology  
Innovative dental implants and prosthetic elements for over 15 years  

Corporate Profile
EZ/Hi-Tec Implants develops, manufactures and markets an extensive range of dental implants and prosthetic elements since 1990. EZ/Hi-Tec Implants was founded by dental professionals with rich clinical experience, and it’s commitment is to develop products that offer long-term compatibility with implant dentistry. The goal is to continue to provide the most technologically advanced products, to help dentists to develop their practice and to provide their patients with the most up-to date treatment. The headquarters are located in the Herzelia Industrial Area, Israel.

Quality Assurance
The medical use of our products demands that ultimate care is taken in assuring quality control throughout all our operations. Over the years, EZ/Hi-Tec Implants commitment to quality products and service has met and exceeded the highest standards set by the US-FDA and many other regulatory agencies. EZ/Hi-Tec Implants have received ISO 9001 and CE Certifications compliance with the International Standards Organization and European Medical Device

Research and Clinical Experience
15 years of research and rich clinical experience in many countries around the world, enables EZ/Hi-Tec Implants to develop products that offer long-term satisfaction. Moreover, due to the deep understanding of implant dentistry, clinical studies demonstrate an extremely high rate of osseointegration and functional stability.

Product Diversity
EZ/Hi-Tec Implants offers an extensive range of dental implants, prosthetic elements and surgical tools. Along with this large range of products, EZ/Hi-Tec Implants provides all necessary back up support, focuses on excellent customer service and comprehensive training programs. Knowledgeable and friendly sales personnel and technical experts can answer all questions.

Client Service and Technical Support
EZ/Hi-Tec Implants takes prides in the extensive knowledge and training of it’s staff. Our dedicated Customer Service personnel have years of experience in the dental field and use this expertise to assist dental professionals using EZ/Hi-Tec products to provide their patient’s with the ultimate in dental care


Bicon Dental Implants

What are the benefits of the Bicon Implant System?

Bicon dental implants preserve the integrity of the facial structure and reduce the inconveniences and embarrassment associated with tooth loss. Bicon implants may be used to replace one or all of your missing teeth, and are a prudent alternative to root canal treatments. They can improve your appearance, speech, and ability to chew and enjoy food. If you currently have dentures, Bicon implants can provide better support. No longer will you suffer the embarrassment and discomfort of loose dentures or the inconvenience of sticky adhesives. Once fully integrated with your jawbone, the implant is secure and stable. Bicon implants require minimal maintenance and cannot decay, unlike root canal treated teeth. Also, because of Bicon’s elegant design, clinicians can virtually guarantee that a patient will never have a dark, metallic gum line as is often associated with other dental implant systems.

How are Bicon implants different from other implant systems?

Most implant systems are comprised of several components, which are held together by screws with a septic connection and bacterial seepage. The crown is often affixed to the implant with an additional screw. As any engineer knows, screws inherently loosen and break. Conversely, the Bicon implant system is comprised of only two components, with a bacterially-sealed, 1.5° locking taper connection. The two components are the implant, which is the portion that goes into the jawbone, and the abutment, which fits into the implant and provides a solid base for a permanent crown or removable denture. Because of Bicon’s elegant design, it has a greater surface area for its size, enabling the use of shorter implants, which reduce the need for bone grafting procedures. Also, Bicon’s design provides for 360° of universal abutment positioning. This allows for the use of extra-orally cemented crowns, as well as the screwless and cementless Bicon Integrated Abutment Crown™, assuring natural looking gum lines and a beautiful smile.


The Locking Taper

The 1.5 degree tapered post of the Bicon abutment locks into the implant with friction. It is the metal-to-metal contact of the post against the implant wall that makes a secure, reliable, and bacterially-sealed connection.

BioHorizons Dental Implants

Tapered Internal features proprietary Laser-Lok microchannels and patented reverse buttress threads on an anatomically tapered implant body. The Tapered Internal Implant also includes the value and simplicity of the esthetic 3inOne™ prepable titanium abutment, with the same 1.5mm deep internal hex connection as the Internal and Single-stage Implants.

Single-stage is placed using the same surgical kit as the Internal (two-stage) Implant and also shares its internal hex connection. This flexibility allows clinician to choose the implant design that best suits each particular case.

Internal offers the value and simplicity of the included esthetic 3inOne prepable titanium abutment, with the proven 1.5mm deep internal hex connection and modified square thread design.

External also features the included 3inOne prepable titanium abutment, coupled with the time-proven 1mm high external hex. Modified-square threads have been proven to provide higher bone-to-implant contact and reverse-torque values than v-thread designs.

One-piece 3.0 with its integrated crown & bridge abutment is specifically indicated for replacing maxillary laterals and mandibular incisors.

Overdenture brings affordable denture stabilization within the reach of many candidates with ridges too narrow for placement of wider, two-piece systems.

ITI Straumann Dental Implants

ITI Dental Implants, The original transmucosal implant system offering a single-stage procedure for over 20 years. Less trauma for your patients, less costly chair time for your practice. Available in both a TPS surface and the revolutionary SLA surface. The ITI® Dental Implant System is the system for all indications; from a lower anterior tooth to a lower molar, without having to change your procedure. Natural tooth from is a certainty with the emergence profiles adapted to different indications. Surgical procedure is simplifiled by the new implant dismeter coding.

ITI Dental Implants

ITI Dental Implants have been in use for nearly 30 years, and they have been subject to the strictest quality controls in research, development, manufacture and sales from the start.

SLA or TPS surface

SLA or TPS surface

The Sand-blasted, Large grit, Acid-etched(SLA) revolutionary new surface treatment from STRAUMANN AG and the ITI offering the possibility of abutment insertion and restoration after 6 weeks in healthy patients with good bone quality and quantity. With this clinically proven surface, osseointegration is both faster and greater. The TPS, Titanium Plasma Sprayed surface, with over 20 years of clinical documentation and experience, will remain available. Both surface ensure the certified biocompatibility of pure titanium, rough surfaces in the endosseous region, and a smooth, machined collar in the soft tissue region.

ITI Dental Implants

Immediate implants

Tapered Effect Implants are indicated particularly for immediate implantation (on the same day of extraction) and early implantation (after 6-8 weeks), for lasting treatment success in demanding cases.

ITI Dental Implants

Implant Design

Through its special anatomical shape, the Tapered Effect implant combines the advantages of a cylindrical implant with those of a conical shape. The upper conical part fits optimally in the cervical shape of the extraction alveolus, while the cylindrical part in the root region ensures high primary stability.

ITI Dental Implants

The range of indications

With its different implant types and prosthetically optimized implant shoulder design, the ITI covers the entire range of indications in implant dentistry.

ITI Dental Implants

Improved healing

By using pure titanium with the proven SLA® surface treatment, the Straumann EO System offers fast and reliable healing of the implant.

Beautyful smile with ITI Dental Implants

The beauty of lasting nature esthetics

Outstanding esthetic treatment results and their long-term predictability are a result of careful planning, professional teamwork and use of an implant system that satisfies highest demands. Through constant innovations in products and procedures, the Straumann® Dental Implant System has built a scientifically proven reputation for exceptional and lasting esthetic outcomes that surgeons, prosthodontists and dental technicians around the world have come to reply on.

The optimal synthesis between an anatomical taper in the alveolar and crest area and the reliable primary stability of the cylindrical shape.

ITI Dental Implants

ITI TE ® Implants

The ITI TE ® Implants represents a new implant range in the ITI ® DENTAL IMPLANT SYSTEM. In addition to the cylindrical shape of the ITI solid screw implants, the ITI TE Implants have a tapered part in the upper root area. The design combines the advantages of a cylindrical implant with those of a conical shape.

ITI Dental Implants

Specifically designed for extraction alveoli

Tapered Effect Implants are indicated particularly for immediate implantation (on the same day of extraction) and early implantation (after 6-8 weeks), for lasting treatment success in demanding cases.

All indications in the area of immediate and early implantation

1. Anatomical implant shape : Enables optimal fit in the extraction alveolus and reliable primary stability.
2. smooth neck section : For optimal flexible tissue management, particularly when esthetic demands are high taking the biologic width into account.
3. Specific TE thread design : Self-tapping geometry with low thread pitch.


Advantages of ITI Straumann Dental Implants

- High Swiss Quality standards for products you can trust
- Extensive scientific research and 30 years of documented clinical experience
- Excellent success rates of more than 95% over a ten-years period
- Most widely used dental implant system in the world with more than 3 million implants placed
- Unique patented implant surface for reduced healing times
- Straumann is an internation company providing worldwide support for doctors and their patients


Zimmer Paragon Dental Implants

The comprehensive line of implants and surgical products from Zimmer Dental provides a solution for every implant case.

The AdVent® and Tapered Screw-Vent® systems raise the standard in implant dentistry with superior features that make the implant process efficient and predictable. The complete versatility of the system means there's an AdVent or Tapered Screw-Vent implant for any indication.

The single-stage Tapered SwissPlus® implant simplifies and accelerates the implant process to save valuable chairtime, increase productivity and maximize profits.

Zimmer Dental is committed to providing innovative surgical products that meet your needs and earn your trust.
Zimmer Paragon Dental Implant System

The AdVent implant is the single-stage solution that minimizes valuable chair time and lessens patient trauma. The immediate loading protocol for the edentulous mandible gives patients function and esthetics with as little as one visit. The result is increased patient acceptance and satisfaction.

The AdVent implant raises the standard in single-stage implant dentistry - its tapered design enhances initial stability, and the internal hex connection with friction-fit abutments helps provide added confidence during restoration.

A complete assortment of prosthetics supports most restorative needs. When a two-stage protocol is needed, simply use the same surgical kit to place Tapered Screw-Vent® implants.

Zimmer Paragon Dental Implant SystemThe Tapered Screw-Vent implant is designed to exceed your expectations in every implant case. Time saving features like the patented Fixture Mount/Transfer minimize valuable chairtime, while the internal hex connection with friction-fit abutments assures a reliable restoration. The tapered body enhances initial stability while allowing placement in even the most challenging locations.

A wide range of implant diameters and lengths means there's a Tapered Screw-Vent implant for any situation, and a complete assortment of prosthetics provides an esthetic solution for every restorative case.

The Tapered Screw-Vent implant is designed to exceed your expectations in every implant case. Time saving features like the patented Fixture Mount/Transfer minimize valuable chairtime, while the internal hex connection with friction-fit abutments assures a reliable restoration. The tapered body enhances initial stability while allowing placement in even the most challenging locations.

A wide range of implant diameters and lengths means there's a Tapered Screw-Vent implant for any situation, and a complete assortment of prosthetics provides an esthetic solution for every restorative case.


Zygoma implants

A New Implant Procedure for Patients With Severe Bone Loss

What is a zygoma dental implant?
Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. A zygoma implant offers patients a permanent dental prosthetic solution that ultimately leads to less time in surgery and follow-up treatments. This procedure also reduces and often eliminates the need for bone grafting.

Why zygoma?
Many patients suffer from the loss of teeth and the reality of having to wear removable denture prosthesis. Difficulty with speech, mastication and esthetics are just a few of the problems that come with wearing dentures. Bite force also can be reduced from 450 pounds per square inch to less than 50 in denture wearers.

Patients now have the option of having all of their teeth replaced with zygoma implants that support either removable or non-removable dental prosthetics. These implant-supported prostheses look, act and function more like a patient’s prior dentition.


zygoma implants india

How is zygoma different from other dental implants?
Traditionally, dental implants required enough height and width of bone in the upper and/or lower jaws for placement. In upper jaws with minimal bone, surgical options such as sinus-lift and bone grafting were the only alternatives. The zygoma procedure places implants in the zygoma bone at an approximate 45-degree angle emerging at the dental ridge and often prevents the need for more intensive surgery.

Conventional dental implants cannot be performed if patients lack sufficient bone structure to anchor the implants. In this case, bone must be harvested from the hip or skull or may be acquired from a donor bank. A staged procedure could delay surgery up to a year or more. The zygoma surgery often reduces the need for bone grafting, which still might be required in the anterior portion of the upper jaw.

About the procedure
Usually two zygoma implants are placed in the upper jaw posterior region, one on each side. If a non-removable dental prosthetic treatment is indicated, usually a minimum of two additional conventional implants in the anterior upper jaw is needed. In some cases two to three zygoma implants can be placed on each side of the upper jaw for better support of the dental prosthesis.

The operative timeframe of zygoma placement varies from individual to individual and may take a few hours under sedation or anesthesia. Bone loss or atrophy in the lower jaw can be managed with bone grafting and/or nerve repositioning procedures, also performed at the Facial Surgery Center.

Most implants placed in the upper jaw require a four to six month healing timeframe before they are connected to a dental prosthesis. This is because the surface of the implant actually becomes biomechanically attached to the patient’s bone through osteointegration. Once integrated, the implants function as a solid anchor to stabilize a patient’s dental prosthesis.


Many patients have been told that they are not candidates for dental implants due to lack of bone in the upper jaw. These patients can benefit from a new implant developed by Professor Per Ingvar Brånemark. This latest implant provides an excellent alternative to bone grafting procedures for the severely resorbed jaw bone with minimal surgical trauma and maximum oral function.


Zygomatic Implant Therapy

Advanced Dental Care Center r is now pleased to provide Zygomatic implant therapy for patients with severely esorbed upper jaws. We would be very happy to evaluate any individual who has substantial bone loss and may be a candidate for the zygomaticus implant treatment. Please don?t hesitate to call us with any questions you may have about the zygomaticus implant or about referring your family and friends to Advanced Dental Care Center for consultation or treatment.


Imtec Implants

Acheiving Balance in Cosmetics and Ideal Dental Function

Dentures no longer have to be uncomfortable, loose fitting, noisey and difficult to eat with.

Recent advances in Prosthodontics and denture fabrication processes, coupled with the intelligent use of mini dental implants enables creative dentists to offer treatment outcomes that were once thought unaffordable by many patients.

Dr. Anshu provides a wide variety of tooth replacement technologies that incorporate the use of Imtec Mini Dental Implants (MDI), the company that is considered to be the innovators of denture implant devices.

The adjacent drawing reflects a common configuration of mini implant devices in the lower (mandibular) jaw and the o-ring fasteners that will align with the metal housings that are incorporated into the denture or fixed bridge by Dr. Anshu.

Implant placement is usually dictated by the integrity of the jawbone and usually varies from patient to patient. While this graphic shows placement of 4 implants, many patients may choose to have more implants placed, wherever possible.

The Imtec implant, because of its inherent design features and size, eliminates the need for time consuming bone grafting procedures which typically require several months of healing that integrates the implant with the jawbone (process of osseointegration).




The MEDPOR® CONTAINTM Implant is made of porous polyethylene and is intended to stabilize and support bone graft materials, provide space maintenance, and allow tissue integration in craniofacial bony defects, including defects of the maxilla, mandible and zygoma.

MEDPOR CONTAIN is an ideal material for containment of bone graft material in alveolar ridge grafting in preparation for dental implants.


MEDPOR Biomaterial

MEDPOR is a biocompatible, porous polyethylene material. The interconnecting, omni-directional pore structure allows for fibrovascular in-growth and integration of the patient's tissue. More than 250,000 procedures have been performed with porous polyethylene and more than 350 clinical reports in cranial, reconstructive, oculoplastic and aesthetic applications have been published.

Non invasive Imtec versus Traditionally Invasive Standard Implants

Imtec and Sterngold mini implants provide increased choices for patients seeking to minimize the invasive properties of many popular dental procedures and treatments.


Decision Making: Mini Implants versus Regular Implantology

Patients with special circumstances regarding current tissue health and the appropriateness of implant surgery are invited to contact Dr. Anshu for assistance in obtaining the information needed for making an informed treatment decision.

For a downloadable version of the Patients Guide to Mini Dental Implants please click here. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to print and view some of these files.








Please contact us for an estimate.


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